Escort Tourist

We have started our travel agency to provide both individual visitors and tourist groups to Hungary familiar, comfortable and special offers.
We have had very good references in the travel industry, we have been reliable, responsible and flexible. We have had a great variety of organized conducted and guided tours. With our professional arrangements/our tour guides, is your stay in Sopron or in Hungary to become a memorable experience.

You and your group want our beautiful city and its surroundings to get to know and spend an eventful day? Then visit our website:

Address: 9400 Sopron, Templom utca. 21.
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 9.00 - 17.00
Phone: +36 99/320-670, +36 99/524-514

Linda Tours Travel Agency

Our travel agency "Linda-Tours Travel Agency" has been welcoming and guiding the guests of our city since 1994. It travels its citizens abroad and domestically. Our motto: "stay with us-we connect with the world" Our offers in Hungary can be booked for travel or accommodation online.

Linda-Tours Utazási Iroda
Address: 9400 Sopron – Erzsébet u.7
Phone: +36 70/616-6332

Sister Travel Travel Agency

Our company is dealing with all the activities which can be found in a Travel Agency: Leisure Tourism, Intervention of journeys and tours, organised by austrian and hungarian touroperators, Sale of tickets (air -, international railway -, bus - and ferry tickets) Organisation of individual tours, by self organised grouptravels and booking of accomodation, Dealing with sale of travelinsurances and international certificates

Offer of the Travel Agency:
Travelpackets (from Vienna und Budapest)
Bustours (from Sopron)
Airtickets, train-, bus-, ship- and ferry tickets
Accomodation booking (in Hungary and foreign countries)
Nationalcard (ISIC, ITIC)

Address: Sopron, Szent György u. 11. (Lenck passageway)
Phone: + 36 99/505-456
Fax: + 36 99/505-457
Mobil: +36 30/235 29 34

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00-15:00
Tuesday, Friday 13:00-15:00