There's no place like Sopron!

Sopron is one of the most romantic towns in Hungary, with its winding, cobbled streets, historical gates and colourful houses, and it also shows its thousand faces in terms of culture. The most loyal town and the Fertő area offer thousands of opportunities, whether you want to explore nature or culture or seek active recreation.

We can say that we are lucky to live in this region. Discover the diverse and exciting opportunities in the area.

The Fertő area is waiting for you

The Fertő area is part of the World Heritage, which it earned with its folk architecture, monuments, grape and wine culture as well as its diverse flora and fauna.

Ideas for trips in the Sopron region!

Would you like to spend some days in Sopron? We recommend you unforgettable trips for your holiday!.

Beauty lies in the details

We will show you our favourite scenes, through which you can see and feel the atmosphere of our region. What is your favourite detail of the town? E-mail it to us to and we will publish the best ones in our gallery.

Plan your visit

Find suitable accommodation, choose sightseeing walks and events, discover the sights.