The village located 25 km from Sopron has been called Röjtökmuzsaj since 1927. Röjtök and Muzsaj were mentioned in the sources as two separate villages in the Middle Ages. The two villages were later united. Muzsaj was owned by the Széchényi family from the 17th century, who set up a watermill in the second half of the 17th century on the Ikva brook that splits the village. The building of the Muzsaj Watermill that partly stands on piles is a special monument regarding industrial history (however, the mill is currently not open to the public). The Fertő-Balaton cycling route crosses the village, starting from the Esterházy Palace in Fertőd and ending at the Festetics Palace in Keszthely, connecting two popular cycling regions of Hungary.


Felsőbüki Nagy-Verseghy Palace: With the reconstruction of the manor house of the Széchényi family, the Nagy family of Felsőbük expanded it into a palace in the second half of the 18th century. It took its present form in 1926 during the time of Elek Verseghy Nagy, the Hungarian ambassador to the Vatican. The outdoor pool designed by Alfréd Hajós, the first Hungarian Olympic champion, and the Verseghy crypt also date from this era. During the socialist years it was a children’s resort and then stood empty for 10 years. With the renovation of the palace between 1998 and 2000, it became the most exclusive 4-star hotel in the region, the Hotel Szidonia Manor. One of the branches of the St. George healing lines (dragon lines) passes through the palace park.

Kisboldogasszony Parish Church: The church, built according to the plans of the architect Nándor Handler from Sopron at the end of the 19th century, is located in the centre of Röjtök. The Neo-Gothic church is the famous pilgrimage site of the area, where the 16th century wooden statue of Our Lady of Wimpassing (now Austria) is kept.

Fishing pond of Muzsaj: In the Muzsaj part of the village you will find the fishing lake in a beautiful environment, where a restaurant and comfortable apartments add your relaxation.

GPS: 47.554350 / 16.836347