Vincellér House - Széchenyi Wine Shop

Our winery is located on the southern shore of Lake Fertő in Fertőboz, which was built by Ferenc Széchényi between 1811 and 1813.

The company, established in cooperation with three families (Molnár-Pieler-Sásdi), operates on 30 acres. Their specialty is our aszú-type, late-harvest Zenit wine, of which 5 vintage years are on the market.

Our goal is to make wine lovers be fond of the characteristics of the varieties as well as the place of production. Our Fertőbozi Wine Shop is a bicycle-friendly wine tourism centre. We have 72 seats, a further 60 seats in the garden, a bicycle storage room, 6 types of non-bottled and 12 types of bottled wine on site. We look forward to seeing those interested in our local handcraft cold dishes and wines.

In our modern wine shop on Hőflányi Street in Sopron, everyone can find a suitable grape product, from musts to wines to wine spirits.