Trianon Memorial Park

In June 2020 the Trianon Memorial Park was opened at the Károly Lookout Tower car park on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Trianon Peace Treaty.

In the Park Forest of Sopron, the Memorial Park was completed on the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture for the 100th anniversary of the sad events of 1921. It shows Greater Hungary, the red parts indicate the separated areas, and the green part shows the area of present-day Hungary with the double cross with the triple mound in its middle. On the information boards, you can read about the Trianon Peace Treaty as well as poems and thoughts of poets and writers.

GPS coordinates: 47.66415748897523, 16.559811940530334

9400, Sopron Ágfalvi csata emlékműve
GPS: 47.664320 / 16.559761