Town Hall

The present town hall of Sopron was built in 1896 on the Main Square in Eclectic style.

On the site of today's building, there were three buildings from the Middle Ages. This is remembered by the old name of today's Town Hall Square, Háromház (Three Houses) Square. Of the three buildings, the southern one was the Old Town Hall from 1497. It was badly damaged in the fire of 1676 and was constantly being renovated, but due to its condition and size, the city council decided to build a larger town hall in 1889. During the works, Lajos Bella unearthed the foundations of the most important church of the Roman town Scarbantia, the Capitolium dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, with fragments of their white marble statues. Due to the construction of the monumental building, the Baroque chapel of St. John of Nepomuk in the Front Gate also had to be demolished, but the chapel was rebuilt from its original building stones in Lower Löverek on the Villa Line. At the entrance of the Town Hall you will find a statue of Dr. Mihály Sopronyi-Thurner, the most prominent mayor of Sopron in the 20th century.

9400, Sopron Fő tér 1.
GPS: 47.686487 / 16.591737