Tolvaj-árok – a place that kidnaps your heart!

In the depths of the Sopron forests, you’ll find a large number of hidden treasures less known to hikers. Among these gems, the steep gorge valley of Tolvaj-árok (Thieves’ Trench in English) is perhaps the most exciting.

The Tolvaj-árok Nature Trail provides an introduction to the valley, which gained its current shape during the 2008 flood-like rains. During the heavy rains, the flooding stream deposited the sediment, which eventually reached the height of a person, and the ditch became virtually impassable. The information boards of the nature trail created in 2012 feature information about the crystalline rocks that make up the Sopron Mountains, the alpine like flora, and with a little luck, you may even spot a fire salamander in the cool creek valley. The hike to the Post Office rest area is 2.1 km with an elevation of 167 meters.

Although it is easily accessible by car and public transport, the gorge valley is not one of the most visited sights of the Sopron forests. Park your car at the Children and Youth Camp (formerly the Brennberg Pioneer Camp), or get off local commuter bus number 3 here, then cross the road to Brennberbánya, and after a few hundred meters, you will arrive at the starting point of the nature trail.