Through the rods Nature Trail

The nature trail starts from St. Michael's Church in Hegykő and ends at one of the canals surrounding the reeds of the settlements of Lake Neusiedl (Fertő), at the Hegykő Canal.

We first pass the former Masinaház (now Egy Csepp Pálinka distillery) on the asphalt road, then the straight running dirt road leads to the site of the Iron Curtain memorial, with several information boards along the way. 200 meters away from the monument, in the direction of the lake, from the lookout tower at the entrance of the Hegykői canal, we can enjoy the special atmosphere of the Fertő landscape. Turning back to the Birdwatching Leisure Park, we return to the starting point.

Total distance: 5 km

Level difference: 16m

The study trail is free to visit!