​The former windmill on Kuruc Hill​

Admiring the panorama view of the town from the Fire Tower, a tower resembling a sugar loaf emerges in the distance. Many believe it to be a fortress tower, but its appearance can be deceiving.

The building that looks like a tower is the torso of a windmill built in 1841 on Kuruc Hill. The hill got its name from the Kuruc soldiers, who cannoned the town from here in the winter of 1705/1706. Two of the cannonballs that struck target can be still found built into the walls of the Schreiner House (a 19th-century building at the intersection of Templom Street and Kolostor Street) in the historic downtown. In the 1870s, the loss-making mill was transformed into the town’s barracks, which was then named the Barracks of Heaven by the locals, because it was so high above the town. The building is currently used as an apartment building and cannot be visited.

9400, Sopron Kuruc-dombi egykori szélmalom
GPS: 47.680081 / 16.599607