The Forest House Ecotourism Visitor Centre

The showroom, which condenses an unmistakable forest experience, and the game park, which presents the domestic wild species of hidden life, also serve the realization of educational goals in the nearly two-hectare area.
The visitor centre reflects thr motto of thr TAEG Zrt: "With education on the side of the nature"

The rooms of the main building are equipped with interactive tools that, together with an exhibition illustrating the forest community in detail, offer visitors an unforgettable experience. One of the huge freshwater aquariums is also clearly visible from the buffet.

The covered terrace of the buffet is connected to the game park by a wooden bridge promenade, from which you can easily get to know the animals of the game park, such as fallow deer, red deer, mouflon, wild boar and many small game species.

The Muck hill (522 m) in the Sopron Mountains is south-west of the city. It can be reached by road (3 km) and several hiking trails from the Karlshöhe car park.

GPS: 47.64978, 16.52695

Opening hours, ticket prices and more information:

Sopron, Muck - Erdő Háza Ökoturisztikai Látogatóközpont
GPS: 47.649778 / 16.526950