​Szeredi Shrine - Fertőszentmiklós

You can find this chapel with its interesting history in Fertőszentmiklós, nearly 30 km from Sopron.

Gergely Bezerédj Vörös bought the plot from the Nádasdy family and erected a statue of Our Lady in a forest. During a huge storm, a lightning struck the statue and its pillar burst into pieces and fell on the statue. While clearing the ruins, the believers saw that the statue was completely undamaged. The news of this event spread and in the 15th century it became a place of pilgrimage. The crutches placed on the surrounding trees from the last century tell us the stories of the magnificent healings that happened at the statue. The statue stood under open sky until 1903. In that year, today’s chapel was built over the statue by donations from the faithful. In 1980, on the five hundredth anniversary of the erection of the statue, Stations of the Cross were built behind the chapel.