Széchenyi Palace

The Széchényi family had several palaces in Sopron, the most significant one of them is on Széchenyi Square, which István Széchenyi often visited.

The building, which dominates the eastern side of Széchenyi Square was built in 1851 by integrating three separate houses. The Széchényi family between 1765 and 1810 purchased them. The building in the middle was bought by Ferenc Széchényi, who stored his foreign map and medal collection there, which he later donated to the National Museum. After his death, his brother István Széchenyi inherited the building. István Széchenyi was a frequent guest there from the 1830s, while he was making the most of nation-building efforts in Sopron County as well.

9400, Sopron Széchenyi tér 1-2.
GPS: 47.682443 / 16.590868