Széchenyi Museum Railway, Nagycenk

The railway is operated by GYSEV Zrt. between Nagycenk and Fertőboz, with children doing the on-board train service.

In spite of the fact that the museum railway is only 3600 m long, it is quite popular among both young and adult “railway fans”.

Interactive trail

The interactive trail welcomes you to an exciting adventure in the world of railways.
The information boards of the railway trail await you in beautiful surroundings to explore the ancient tradition of the railway. Learn more about who cater for a pleasant trip, what special sounds you hear while on the way or what vehicles bring you to your destination.

Play and fitness park

Classic wooden play equipment, a swing and a treadwheel conjure up old times when steamers were still running on the rails, while the modern playground equipment guarantee the children excellent fun. Meanwhile, the fitness park offers grown-ups complete relaxation.

Open-air museum

Visitors to the museum railway can not only try out the narrow-gauge railway, because “Kastély” station offers numerous entertainment options. The open-air museum tells about the history of the narrow-gauge railways with the help of several locomotives and passenger cars on display. All vehicles were previously in use on various narrow-gauge railways in Hungary. The vehicles on display are no longer operational, but they have been restored for posterity. In 2020, a turntable for narrow-gauge railways – a property of the Transport Museum – was added to the existing vehicles.

Cenki Teki is GYSEV’s mascot. The big-eyed, green-yellow turtles of the family “Teki” liven up the everyday work at the railway. You can meet them at many events and at many railway stations, where they enjoy entertaining visitors and are always ready for a common photo.

You can easily take Cenki Teki home with you, as there are already T-shirts, stationery and different toys with the picture of Teki, Tekla and their children Flóra and Flórián, but you can also have them with you at all times on a keychain.


If the museum railway is closed, visiting the open-air museum and playground is not possible.


Széchenyi Museum Railway of Nagycenk

H-9485 Nagycenk, Kiscenki u. 2.
General information: Tel.: + 36 99/577-212
Group requests and special train order: Tel: +36 99/577-475