Swan fountain

A fountain wearing a feather dress once a year plays a central role in the Selmec traditions of the Sopron students.

The fountain made of Szentmargitbánya limestone was erected in 1917 on Orsolya Square. In 1929, at the suggestion of the City Beautification Association, it was moved to its current location in Alsólőverek, at the intersection of Hunyadi János and Béke streets. A student, who failed several times, was told by his professor that he would only pass if the stone swan grew feathers. Due to the tricky fellow students, the swan was dressed in feathers by the morning. Since then, swan-feathering is one of the elements of the graduate students' Valéta night.

9400, Sopron Hattyús-kút
GPS: 47.680119 / 16.581502