Statue Park

The Statue Park on Frankenburg Road is the creation of Terézia and Hermina, two sisters from Sopron.

As a retiree, Terézia decided to erect statues to those poets from whom she had learned the most of the beautiful and good things, first of all to Mihály Vörösmarty. She started raising funds and in 1990 the statue of Vörösmarty was inaugurated, the work of the Kossuth Prize-winning sculptor József Somogyi. In 1995, the statue of Ferenc Kölcsey was also created. Today it is in front of the Deák Square (formerly Lutheran Theology) school, the work of Mária Törley. The sisters sold their Deák Square apartment so that they could erect more statues. In October 1997, the bronze bust of János Arany and Mihály Tompa, the works of Krisztina Baksa Soós and Benedek Nagy were inaugurated in the Statue Park. Both statues were erected by Terézia Káspár at her own expense. Her sister, Hermina, helped her during the entire time, she took care of the correspondence. Also, the Kossuth relief and the statue of Géza Gyóni, the “soldier of peace” in Deák Square were created due to her efforts. (The works of Emma Sz. Egyed and Benedek Nagy.) The Káspár sisters also supported institutions and foundations for many years. Due to their donations, the World War II memorial on Deák Square was completed, which also commemorates their two brothers, Henrik and Árpád, who died a heroic death. In addition, they are also associated with the two stained glass windows of the Sopron Lutheran church, the eight benches of the cemetery, the drapery of the morgue and two mementos erected in memory of Martin Luther and the thirteen Martyrs of Arad in the front garden of the cemetery. Their memorial plaque is on the wall of the house at 7 Deák Square.


9400, Sopron Szoborpark
GPS: 47.698051 / 16.605326