Statue of Mihály Sopronyi-Thurner

The most prominent mayor of Sopron's history in the 20th century was Mihály Sopronyi-Thurner, whose statue was placed under the arcades of the Town Hall in 1996 on the 120th anniversary of his birth.

The year 1996 was also the year of the political rehabilitation of the renowned mayor. After World War II, he was stripped of all he had, including his honorary title, so in the last years of his life he worked as a street sweeper for his beloved town. In the year the statue was erected, the town awarded him the posthumous title of honorary citizen. The creator of the statue is sculptor László Kutas, whose 51 works can be seen in Sopron.

9400, Sopron Sopronyi-Thurner Mihály szobra
GPS: 47.686450 / 16.591298