Statue of István Széchenyi

The statue of the "greatest Hungarian", István Széchenyi, stands in one of the central squares of the town centre, in the square that is named after him.

Until the 19th century, on the site of today's Széchenyi Square there was a double lake, the Két-pék (Two bakers) lake, which supplied the moat with water. According to tradition bakers who sold bread of inadequate size and weight were bathed here as punishment. In 1828, at the initiative of the Széchenyi family, the lakes were drained and the first promenade was created in the town. In 1861, the square was named after the first honorary citizen of the town, István Széchenyi. Based on the plans of Miklós Izsó, Lajos Mátrai created the sculpture, which was inaugurated in 1897. In 2016, on the 225th anniversary of István Széchenyi's birth, his words on patriotism were engraved on four sides of the statue pedestal in Hungarian, German, English, and in Croatian.

9400, Sopron Széchenyi István szobra
GPS: 47.683031 / 16.588637