St. Michael Visitor Centre

Founded before the Tartar invasion in the 13th century, the oldest parish church in Sopron stands on St. Michael’s Hill.

The church was first mentioned in writing in 1278, but it was only completed by 1484 with its current size, and King Matthias presumably also took part in its consecration. Due to the long construction period, the church simultaneously carries the bulkiness of Romanesque architecture and the sky-breaking features of the Gothic style. The church is considered one of the most outstanding buildings of Hungarian Gothic architecture due to its size and style.

The church and the Gothic tower played a significant protective role in the Middle Ages. It was almost lost during the Turkish occupation, when in 1532, they wanted to demolish it together with the Church of the Assumption next to the castle wall. Luckily, common sense prevailed over military arguments. 15th century sources tell of the existence of 20 altars, some of which were destroyed in 1605 by the troops of the Transylvanian prince István Bocskai, who was fighting on the outskirts of Sopron, setting fire to everything made of wood in the church. The uniform baroque furnishing of the church was made by the later parish priest, György Prímes. The neo-Gothic furniture that you can see today were prepared on the basis of Ferenc Storno’s designs. The oldest Catholic church in Sopron and its immediate surroundings with the House of the Sacristy and the Chapel of St. James were completely renovated in 2020, and the church, once again in its most beautiful splendour, became the most spectacular tourist attraction in the poncichter district

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