Sörházdomb (Beer Hill) Lookout Tower

The Sörházdomb lookout tower is the only one of the Park Forest lookouts that has a bolted wooden structure made of glued brackets, making it an architecturally unique piece.

This is the closest lookout point to the city centre, therefore it is a popular excursion destination in the heart of Lőverek district. It offers a particularly beautiful view of Sopron and the Lake Fertő.

GPS coordinates: 47 ° 40 '27.6 "N, 16 ° 34' 17.6" E

The lookout tower is located on Sörházdomb (Brewery Hill), which separates the Lower and Upper Lővers. It got its name from the fact that the owner of the City Brewery and Malt Factory, which once stood in Neuhof (today's Erzsébet Garden), owned several plots in the area.

Sopron, Sörházdombi út, 9400
GPS: 47.674346 / 16.571567