Scout Chapel on Nándor Hill

From the Nándor Hill rising above Sopron-Bánfalva, you can enjoy the wonderful panorama view of Bánfalva and the Pauline-Carmelite Monastery.

After visiting the Pauline-Carmelite Monastery, the Heroic Soldiers’ Cemetery and the Taród Castle, it is worth taking a detour to the Scout Chapel. From Felső-Lőverek, you can take a short walk to the lookout point ("lodge") following the green tourist sign.

The creation of the chapel has a sad background story. During the World Economic Crisis of the 1930s, many people committed suicide here by jumping in the abandoned quarry. Because of the tragic events, a civil initiative suggested to build a chapel that would deter people from committing suicide. Due to local scouts, fundraising began in 1937, and the chapel designed by László Gallus was built that year. As an appreciation of the devoted work of the scouts, the people of Sopron named the chapel ‘Scout Chapel’.

9400, Sopron Cserkészkápolna a Nándor-magaslaton
GPS: 47.680830 / 16.556920