Rock Buckthorn Nature Trail

The sedimentary rock of marine origin, which is the basis of the Fertőmellék Hills, is the so-called Lajta limestone, the most spectacular excavation of which can be seen in Fertőrákos. The 300-meter-long nature trail leading along the surface of the Bishop's Quarry limestone block in Fertőrákos, presents the geological, zoological, and botanical values of the quarry with 35 boards.

In addition to the rock buckthorn, which is a botanical rarity and was chosen as the name of the nature trail, there are other special species here too, such as the Austrian sage or the cliff violet. In addition to the panorama of the Fertő, the visitor can admire the varied flora typical of the Pannonian sloping steppes, adapted to the local environmental conditions.

The nature trail can be visited for the entrance fee of the Theme Park!