Reformed Church

The church of today's Reformed Parish of Sopron was built according to the plans of ducal master builder György Hárs. It was consecrated by Bishop Géza Antal on 1 December, 1929.

In 1929, Kálmán Maller (1904-1965), a former curate of Győr, was invested into the office of pastor, as first minister of the congregation. The church received a bell in 1938, the makers of which, like many bells in Sopron, were Frigyes Seltenhofer and his sons. During the American bombing of 6 December 1944, the church was also damaged. The restoration of the church after the Second World War is attributed to Pastor Gábor Balogh, he was the leader of the renovation works of the dilapidated building in 1968.

The memory of the first pastor, Kálmán Maller, has been preserved by a plaque in the assembly hall since 2004, and a bust of John Calvin, the reformer has stood at the entrance to the church since 2001. Both of these are the work of sculptor László Kutas.