Program recommendations for visitors with children

Sopron and its surroundings offer countless experiences for our guests with children. We offer you a little sample now - not intended to be comprehensive - so that you can enjoy your memories of the Sopron Region, and return to us later!

Day 1

Fire Tower - Museum Quarter - Macskakő Children's Museum - Zwinger Café - Mining Museum - Sopron Sightseeing Train

Can you climb the nearly 119 stairs of the Fire Tower? If you can, you will have an unrivalled view of the whole city! From here, you can see some of the museum buildings, where we will then go in.In the interactive rooms of the Museum Quarter on the Main Square, visitors can admire exhibitions that present fairy tales, spectacular historical exhibitions, and even a replica of the Holy Crown. Outdoor games await children in the Castle Wall Garden.

The Macskakő Children’s Museum invites you to a time travel, where you will fly back in time in an exciting interactive space, putting on contemporary clothes, playing with games from the last century, and eating at an ancient dining table.

In the meantime, we will have time for an ice cream, too: In the "Do it yourself" ice cream shop of Zwinger Café, you can put together the ice cream cup of your dreams, as you can choose from plenty of toppings, dressings and candies!

The Mining Museum's Adventure Mine is the children's realm where everyone can become a small miner, put on a mining helmet or protective leather, slip into the mine, go along narrow and dark trenches, travel in a mine truck, and try the medieval water lifting structure. In addition, you can also enjoy a new interactive exhibition!

Had enough of walking? You can tour the city and learn about it in special experience vehicles: find the small trains starting from the Main Square!

Day 2

Witch Educational Trail - Károly lookout tower - Kőhalmy Hunting Museum - Forest Fun Park - Ecotourism Visitor Centre

You can spend an active day in the Sopron Park Forest!

The eight-stop WitchEducational Trail leads all the way to the Kőhalmy Hunting Museum. On the trail, you can follow a map to discover local legends and witch stories, and after completing skill challenges at each station, you can collect stamps in exchange for a reward at the end of the tour.When you arrive at the KÁROLY LOOKOUT

Arriving at the Charles lookout tour, you will have a priceless view from the two-storey roof terrace. The Kőhalmy Hunting Museum is also worth visiting, where you can learn about the rich flora and fauna of the Sopron forests with the help of interactive tools.

In the forest theme park, next to the Museum, you can try the barefoot forest path, among other things.

About 4 km from here, you will find the Forest House Ecotourism Visitor Centre And Wildlife Park, where you can see freshwater fish species in an aquarium, as well as big and small game, an interactive exhibition and a buffet.

Day 3

Alpine park - Highway Code park - Elizabeth Garden - Coronation Hill and Amphitheatre - Harrer Chocolate Factory

The Lőver Alpine Park is actually an exciting forest playground, leisure and adventure park for children at the edge of the Sopron Park Forest, in Lőverek, where, in addition to the many skill tracks, there is also a Mini-Bike Cycling Park and a Traffic Code track.

In the popular Citadella Park with its picturesque surroundings, you can find the Traffic Code Park where the little ones can learn the basics of rules of the road and safe driving on two-wheeled bikes. A playground and a gymnastics track for adults provide further experiences in addition to the Trafic Code Park.

Stroll under the shady trees of the Erzsébet-Garden and hug the giant mammoth pine, where the garden’s winged fairies live in its branches and burrows. If you catch a glimpse of them, make a wish!There’s a wonderful view of the city from the Vienna-hill (Bécsi-domb), where you’ll also find a unique playground. The main feature of the fenced park is the huge Scarbantia Fortress.

The Harrer Chocolate Factory in Sopron reveals the sweet and secret world of chocolate making: all you have to do is to sign up for a chocolate tasting session, which includes a short film about chocolate making and you can also try out the chocolate fountain with fresh fruits.

Day 4

Fertőrákos, Rock Buckthorn Educational Trail - Fertőboz, Gloriett Lookout - Fertőszéplak,Peisonia Visitor Centre - Fertőd, Adventure Empire - Nagycenk, Széchenyi Museum Railway

Turning off from the Rock buckthorn nature trail, which leads you along the surface of the fully renovated Fertőrákos quarry, you will reach a cave with a theatre, where lifelike replicas of sharks and dolphins help you to get an insight into what it was like when the area was still covered by the sea.

The Gloriette lookout can be reached from the main street of Fertőboz. It’s worth climbing the 330 wooden steps for the unique view from the top.

In Fertőszéplak, the restored Széchényi Palace is home to the Peisonia Visitor Centre, where the unique flora and fauna of Lake Fertő, history, wine culture, the culture of different nationalities, aristocratic and peasant architecture, archaeological excavations are displayed in an exhibition showing the main attractions of the region.

The Adventure Empire is a leisure centre with games, an interactive exhibition, a teddy bear room, an escape room, and a lookout in Fertőd, where you can also spend some quality time.

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