Priest’s Garden - Hidegség

The Priest’s Garden in Hidegség is a real paradise where you can recharge your body and soul.

Located on a hill in the centre of the village, Papkert is a special place in the immediate vicinity of the B10 cycle path on the shore of Lake Fertő. The hill itself was the local estate centre of Csák, the count of Sopron in the 13th century, at the top of which the name of Toronhegy (Tower Hill) Lane suggests that a stone tower once stood here in the second half of the 13th century. The special feature of the garden on the hillside is the 21 springs that break up here and the special natural environment created by them, with many protected plant and animal species. Reading the information boards along the walkways, you can learn about the botanical specialty of the garden and you may also meditate on the benches near the path with biblical quotations. Even a Kneipp foot bath with fresh spring water and with river gravel helps you to find the balance between body and soul. The Mária pilgrimage route, which leads through the villages on the shores of Lake Fertő, also includes the Mária Cave in the garden.

9491, Hidegség Papkert
GPS: 47.626813 / 16.740300