Play sports, Sopron

Sopron deserves the title "Sports City of the Nation" and is characterized by a very diverse sports life. In addition to competitive sports, the city also places a great emphasis on student sports, youth education and recreational sports.

There are 87 sports organizations in Sopron, which offer a wide range of opportunities for those who want to play sports.

The most popular team sport in Sopron is basketball, Sopron KC in the men's line and Sopron Basket in the women's line, the latter also achieves outstanding results in the women's Euroleague. Both teams will play their home matches in the renovated, modern Novomatic Arena Sopron hall. Currently, SC Sopron is the highest rated football club in the city, which also plays in front of a crowded audience in the third division league at the City Stadium.

The city of Sopron has outstanding facilities, which is also the reason for the fact that several sports federations organize national or international championships in our city. In addition, several recreational sports competitions will be held, bringing in participants from many parts of the country and from across the border. The most popular form of exercise today is running, and in Sopron, both those who like street running and cross-country running can choose from several events. There are also opportunities for those who like to play ball games too: 5+1 football, basketball and handball tournaments are also held every year.

The Sopron Park Forest provides an opportunity for active recreation. You will find here the country’s first forest gymnasium, which is 2 kms long and can be completed through twenty stations with various difficulty levels. On the 369 km long network of marked hiking trails, everyone can find the right terrain and length that they prefer. The Park forest is an ideal location for cyclists, where downhill and mountain bike trails have also been built in recent years. The Iron Curtain Cross-Country track is also suitable for cross-country skiing, provided there is enough snow. The new indoor swimming pool at the foot of the Lőverek will soon be completed, which will also be suitable for international competitions.

One of the two largest urban sports events is the Sopron Sports Gala, where the outstanding performance of Sopron athletes is rewarded by the Sopron MJV Municipality. The event called Play Sports, Sopron provides an opportunity for Sopron's sports organizations to present themselves, and the city's residents can find the ideal branch of sport that they prefer.