Perkovátz House

It evokes an English pub, but above all a real Sopron restaurant in the city centre, on Széchenyi Square.

We welcome our guests on three levels, with three rooms with different atmospheres.

The Pub for 60 people is on the ground floor, below which is the 40-seat Lower House - both with Anglo-Saxon-style cosy corners and separate boxes. The Victorian-style guest room is suitable for enjoying local gastronomy, having light-hearted conversations in the company of nice wines and beers, and gatherings of friends. The Daruka Hall is upstairs, named after the owner's mother, which is independent from the public restaurant, making it an excellent venue for cosy family and friends’ gatherings, celebrations, corporate events and wedding banquets. It is also home to a number of NGOs: the Rotary Club Sopron, the Lions Club Sopron, the Pál Kitaibel Natural Science Society, the Circle of Friends of Local Historians and, of course, the Circle of Friends of the Perkovátz House.

From spring to autumn, the sunny, flowery terrace of Széchenyi Square offers the opportunity to relax, unwind and recharge.

In addition to local flavours, the menu also features international cuisine. In addition to draft Sopron beer, you can choose fine wines from the drink list, and you can also taste the restaurant's cocktail, the MOPSI.

Capacity: 207 people

Languages: English, German, Hungarian