Priests' field

In the neighbourhood of the town centre, Paprét (Priests' field) is a green area that is owned by the town of Sopron today, but once belonged to the parish of Saint Michael.

In 1866, Frigyes Rösch founded the Sopron Gymnastics and Fire Brigade Association, which initiated the first sports pavilion to be built in Hungary in Paprét in 1867. Today, the oldest building in the country that was designed specifically for sports purposes is an industrial monument, which has been recently renovated by the municipality of Sopron. The Orthodox Synagogue, which once had better times is opposite the gymnasium, on the other side of the park, as well as the Holocaust Memorial by László Kutas. The trees of Paprét were declared protected in 1995, which was confirmed by a 1999 local decree. Forty-two plane trees, ten maple trees and a linden tree are registered as protected here.

9400, Sopron Paprét
GPS: 47.683479 / 16.595635