​Orthodox Synagogue

Out of the three synagogues in Sopron, the Orthodox Synagogue in Paprét is the largest one. Its construction began in 1891 according to the plans of János Schiller.

It functioned as a house of prayer until 1944, when it was one of the sites of the local ghetto, from where Jews from Sopron and the surrounding area were transported to Auschwitz. According to the documents, the building was owned by the Israelite Community of Sopron until 1955. Since then, the condition of the building has significantly deteriorated, also due to multiple changes in ownership. It became the property of the town of Sopron in 2005, with great difficulty. In 2002, the building was placed under temporary monument protection, and in 2004 it was declared a monument. A plaque on the wall of the building commemorates those who were abducted.

The synagogue hosts exhibitions, concerts and lectures on special occasions, but otherwise cannot be visited. Near the building, a group of sculptures made by sculptor László Kutas is reminiscent of the Holocaust.

9400 Sopron, Paprét 12-14.
GPS: 47.682688 / 16.595677