Orsolya Square

Orsolya Square, one of the oldest squares in Sopron, located in the heart of the town centre, was first mentioned in 1428 as a salt market (Salzmarkt).

The buildings on the irregularly shaped square have changed a lot over time. After 1747, the nuns of the Orsolya order, after whom the square was named after, became the owners of several buildings on the south-eastern and southern edges of the square. The complex consisting of today's convent, church and school was built between 1858-1862. During the bombing of the town in December 1944, the square suffered severe damage. The Mary's Well was badly damaged, and the bombings revealed the walled façade with arches of the Lábasház (Foot House). The dome of the Mary's Well and the statue of Mary standing on the stone lid with child Jesus in her arms were re-carved using the fragments that remained.

9400, Sopron Orsolya tér
GPS: 47.683836 / 16.590625