National Park Product Trademark

More and more Hungarian and foreign visitors are looking for organic products from a particular region, local producers, accommodation providers, craftsmen of a given settlement, or products and services that represent traditional value. The goal of the trademark is not only to preserve and protect natural resources, but also to contribute to the development of regional ecotourism and rural self-employment by promoting local products and high-quality local services.

In addition to their role in the preservation of natural values, our protected regions also have the necessary conditions for the production of numerous products and for providing services. However, farming in a protected area is not easy, as farmers in such an area must always carry out their activities in accordance with the rules of protecting nature. In order to support local businesses, farmers and economic organizations operating in protected natural areas and the Natura 2000 regions, as well as to increase the appreciation of their products for sale and to expand their market opportunities, the Ministry of Agriculture has initiated the creation of the National Park Product trademark.

Anyone who purchases a branded product - in addition to taking home a sample of the region’s flavours, aromas, heritage, and traditions - can also feel proud that by choosing that particular product, they have indirectly contributed to the preservation of natural values.

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