Ms. Anna's recipe

The 19th century was a busy period in the life of Sopron. The Storno family in Sopron was a typical bourgeois family in all respects.

A chimney sweeper business owner from the province of Ticino, Switzerland, a restorer and art collector sought after throughout the Monarchy, Ferenc Storno Sr. and his good friend, the owner of a vinegar, rum and liqueur factory, together with the art collector Gusztáv Zettl, created collections, which today give an authentic insight into the city's 19th century civic life. The collection can be seen in the Storno house. The interior, furnished with antiques and works by family members, give an idea of the trendy historicist housing culture of the late 19th century.

Ferencné Storno Jr. grew up in a German-speaking family, and her handwritten recipe book was also written in German. The cover was obviously drawn by her husband, the excellent craftsman, Ferenc Storno Jr. The following is a baroque recipe following the French style of cuisine, from 1840.

French style green pea soup

Ingredients: 100 gr bread bacon (kenyérszalonna), 250 gr green peas, 1 small celery root, 3 medium carrots, 2 medium turnips, half a stalk of leeks, a few leaves of sorrel, fresh turmeric leaves, 500 ml broth, 2 bread rolls, 1 tablespoon butter.

Preparation: “Cook the peas until soft with good quality bacon, then press it through a sieve. Cut the celery, the leeks and the parsley root into thin strips and cook them in water, at the end add finely chopped turmeric and a few sorrel leaves. Add this to the crushed peas and cook, then soften the toasted bread roll cubes in a little broth and add them to the pea soup. Garnish with bacon cubes.

(The legacy of the Storno family. The ingredients are recommended by Sopron Museum)