​Medieval New Synagogue

In the centre of Sopron, at 11 Új utca, there is another synagogue as well, the Medieval New Synagogue, which is almost a century newer than the Old Synagogue.

It was built around 1350 as a private synagogue, built by a Jew from Sopron called Israel. He had to leave Sopron around 1360, as Louis I the Great expelled the Jews from the free royal cities by royal decree, which he revoked a few years later. The builder of the synagogue never came back from Vienna, but the returning Jews continued to operate the private synagogue until 1440. At that time, due to the fortification works of the Front Gate, the houses of the Jews were given to the owners of the houses demolished in Kovácsszer (today's Little Castle District), with the exception of four houses.

From that date, the name Új utca (New Street) is used instead of Jewish Street. Like the Old Synagogue, its place was also forgotten, it was only rediscovered in 1957. The east wall of the synagogue was made visible in 1993, from the open passage from the Lutheran Convention House (14 Szent György Street).

The permanent exhibition opened in 2017 in the synagogue - The Forgotten People of Sopron - commemorates Hungarian Jewish families and individuals living in and around Sopron before 1944. In addition to family histories, you can get to know the life of the Jews who returned to Sopron and its surrounding area after 1840 through their commodities and relics.

From 1. September 2023. the Forgotten Sopronians Exhibition is open on weekends only. However, if you would like to schedule another convenient time, please call the phone number as follows: +36 70 369 4027.