Mary's column

The Baroque Mary's Column has been standing at the frequented point of the Castle District since 1745, on the site of the medieval Church of Our Lady.

In the Middle Ages, there was a market here at the foot of the castle wall, where the pillory was as well. When the fountain of the market was destroyed, the Mary's Column was erected in its place, and the pillory was moved to a more distant point in the Castle District. Kossuth Prize-winning sculptor Károly Antal, who restored the baroque parts of the statue, made the reliefs depicting biblical scenes on the high pedestal of the column.

On the site of the Mary's Column, next to the moat, stood the Gothic Church of Virgin Mary stood until 1532. It was demolished for military reasons, as the town could have been bombarded with cannons from the church tower in the event of a Turkish siege. The bastion of Virgin Mary connected to the outer arch of the triple castle wall was built from the stones of the church, the foundation of which can be seen on the Castle Wall Promenade.

9400, Sopron Mária-oszlop
GPS: 47.686586 / 16.593011