Mary fountain

The ornament of Orsolya Square in Sopron has been standing in the middle of the square since 1929.

It was moved from the courtyard of the former Franciscan (now Benedictine) monastery to Orsolya Square, the site of the Hattyús well, which plays an important role in the student traditions of Selmec. The creation of the Louis Seize-style fountain made in the 1780s is told by the following legend:

A Franciscan monk was passing the vineyards of Harka, when he felt like having a bunch of grapes. However, the theft was noticed by the locals and he was confined in stocks. To reconcile the downtrodden monk, the people of Harka had to bear the cost of the building the fountain.

During the American bombing of December 6, 1944, the well was almost completely destroyed. Thanks to the years of work of Ernő Szakál, a Sopron-born Munkácsy Prize-winning sculptor-restorer, the fountain was restored.

9400, Sopron Mária-kút
GPS: 47.683894 / 16.590531