Magas-bérci Lookout Tower

In the highest point of the Sopron Mountains in Hungary (557 m) you can find this lookout tower built in 2005.

The tower is worth visiting from the direction of Brennbergbánya. Only a few hiking trails cross this part of the Park Forest. The reason for this is that this area could only be entered with a special permit during the Iron Curtain period, and there are protected nature reserves in the former border area as well. Since 2016, a Wildlife Management and Educational Hunting Trail has been leading to the tower, where interactive information boards and wildlife management equipment help guide you through the mysteries of wildlife management and hunting.

GPS coordinates: 47 ° 39 '6.8 "N, 16 ° 27' 50.3" E

9400, Sopron Magas-bérci kilátó
GPS: 47.651896 / 16.463989