Lenck House / Lenck Passage

In the 19th century winemaking in Sopron established the wealth of several local merchant families.

The builder of the passage and the downtown palace (Lenck House) was Sámuel Lenck, who was engaged in grapevine cultivation and breeding, and acquired significant wealth with wine trade. He operated his successful spice, colonial goods and wine business in the Lenck House in the Castle District. The family was also the builder of the Lenck Villa on Deák Square, which later became the first museum in Sopron. By opening the castle wall during the construction of the Lenck passage, the connection between the Castle District and Szent György Street was created, so came into existence the tenement house with three courtyards and the gateway in 1860.

During the American bombings of World War II, the building next to the Lenck House suffered such severe damage that it had to be demolished after the war, so today’s Bástya Square in front of the Rondella was formed and the line of the Sopron town wall became visible.

9400, Sopron Lenck-átjáró
GPS: 47.684623 / 16.592403