Lábasház - Arcaded house

It is the oldest building in one of the oldest squares in Sopron, the former Salt Market.

The one-story building was named after its late Renaissance arcades. The square got its current name from the Ursuline nuns who founded the convent, school and church on the square in 1747. There were slaughterhouses on the ground floor and a school on the first floor. The arcades were walled up in the 19th century, which were then blown out by the air pressure of the December 6, 1944 American bombing. Nowadays, the Sopron Museum has a temporary exhibition site on the first floor and a temporary exhibition of the 9th Nádasdy Hussar Regiment on the ground floor.

9400, Sopron Orsolya tér 5.
GPS: 47.684015 / 16.590604