Goat (Kecske) Hill lookout

In the Szárhalmi forest, at an altitude of 208 m above sea level, the Goat hill was a fortress 2800 years ago, already in the early Iron Age, and was also inhabited in Roman times.

Built in 1973, the deteriorated former timber-framed lookout was replaced by the new one on Goat Hill in March 2022. The new, purely timber-framed lookout has 56 wooden stairs leading up to the 11-metre-high lookout level, with a total height of almost 14 metres. From here, you can see the Dudlesz forest and the Bécsi hill ranges and lake Fertő in the direction of Sopron.

It is a half-hour walk from the Nagytómalom bicycle stop or from Fertőrákos.From the lookout tower we can see the Dudlesz forest and the Bécsi Hill ranges as well as the Lake Fertő.

GPS coordinates: 47 ° 32 '35.5 "N 18 ° 59' 30" E

9421, Fertőrákos Kecske-hegyi kilátó
+36 99 506-810
GPS: 47.722070 / 16.630887