Holy Trinity Statue (Plague Column)

The Holy Trinity statue, which adorns the Main Square with its unparalleled beauty, is a special attraction of Sopron for two reasons.

The group of sculptures in the middle of the Main Square was erected by Jakab Löwenburg and Katalin Thököly Késmárki. Adding up the letters in the text of the Latin chronogram at their kneeling figure, which can be identified as a Roman numeral, we get the date of completion of the statue, 1701. The text of the chronogram in Hungarian: "We the people of Sopron erected the statue as pledge for the Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."

The statue of the Holy Trinity in Sopron, like other baroque votive sculpture ensembles in the country, was erected as a votive gift by the survivors of the plague epidemics that broke out after the wars against the Ottoman Turks. Of these votive columns, the Sopron statue is the earliest one in Hungary.

9400, Sopron Szentháromság-szobor
GPS: 47.686349 / 16.590693