Heroes’ Cemetery in Sopronbánfalva

A few minutes' walk from the Pauline-Carmelite Monastery you will find one of the most beautiful Heroes’ Cemetery of Hungary in Sopronbánfalva.

The cemetery hidden in the shadow of the Monastery Forest in Bánfalva is a special place, where there are graves of more than 3,200 soldiers, prisoners of war and civilian victims from countless nations of Europe. The use of the military cemetery dates back to 1840, when the military hospital was moved from Rust (today in Austria) to the empty Carmelite monastery. Today’s military cemetery was opened in 1878. It has been called Heroes' Cemetery since 1917, and in the same year the First World War Memorial was built, which can be found near the entrance of the cemetery towards Bánfalva.

The first Hungarian fighter pilot, László Molnár’s tomb is an outstanding one, the damaged propeller of his crashed plane was installed into it.

Hősi katonai temető Sopronbánfalván
GPS: 47.677794 / 16.555088