Hegykő Sá-Ra Thermal Baths and Beach

The Hegykő medicinal baths and beach offer healing and rest! Open throughout the year, the bathing complex provides all age groups with opportunities for relaxation. The large, grassy park area offers excellent opportunities for sunbathing.

The thermal water of Hegykő is a slightly hard, fluorinated, sulphurous medicinal water of sodium chloride, alkali metal hydrogen carbonate type containing many dissolved substances, with significant iodide content. It is brought to the surface from a depth of 1434 metres at a temperature of 55 °C. The water was classified as therapeutic in 2004.

Thermal water treatment indications
The primary effect of the thermal water is to reduce inflammation: for the treatment of musculoskeletal, dermatological, gynaecological, urological inflammation, for aftercare of musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and traumatological operations, and for recreational purposes.

Serious heart and circulatory complaints, thrombosis, malignant tumour, acute infectious inflammatory disease, pregnancy, feverish condition.

Address: 9437 Hegykő, Fürdő u. 5.
Phone: +36 99 540 220
E-mail: info@saratermal.hu