Harrer Chocolate Workshop and Confectionery

Enjoy a chocolate tasting, while peeking into the secrets of making the cakes and chocolates through the large glass window of the huge open kitchen.

Sounds exciting? It is even more delicious! Harrer Chocolate Workshop and Confectionery welcomes its guests with exquisite pastries, cakes, ice cream, coffee and speciality tea, and last but not least, soft and delicious chocolate delicacies. Try some of the products based on traditional family recipes and let yourself be lost a little in the world of sweets.

Contact details:

Address: 9400 Sopron Faller Jenő u. 4. / Várkerület 73.

Phone: +36 99 505 904 and +36 99 342 847

Web: https://harrerchocolat.com/

Chocolate tasting: https://harrerchocolat.com/csokikostolas