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Fancy a 1 or 2 day-long night tour or a biking adventure coupled with canoeing? Or would you prefer a family trip or perhaps a team building training?
Whatever your purpose when you arrive at the shores of Lake Neusiedl (Fertő), our professional cycling tour guides will help you find the right program! For inquiries, contact Balázs Szigethi:

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Are you looking for bicycle tours starting from Sopron or Fertőrákos? Check out the routes offered by cyclist tour guide Viktor Sáros!

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IRON CURTAIN cycling tour
An all-day cycling tour to explore the sacral, natural, and gastronomic values of the Neusiedl (Fertő) area with wine tasting. Along the way, we will also gain an insight into the era of the Iron Curtain.

Route: Sopron, Hotel Lövér (bike rental) - St. Michael's Church - Tómalom - Kecske hill lookout tower - Fertőrákos - WINE TASTING - Pellengér - Mithras shrine - National border - Fertőmeggyes (Austria) - Fertő lake shore - National border - Pan-European Picnic memorial park - István Széchenyi Academy Memorial Forest - Sopronkőhida - Hotel Lövér

Distance: approx.40 km
Duration: approx. 8 hours
Difficulty level: intermediate (over 14 years of age)
Recommended bikes: MTB, trekking or road
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FERTŐ (Neusiedl) lake shore cycling tour (Fertőrákos – Ruszt - Fertőrákos)
An easy, bike visit from Fertőrákos to Rust, the city of storks. At the stops of the guided tour, you’ll learn about the secrets and tourist attractions of Lake Fertő (Neusiedl).

Route: Our Fertőrákos Bicycle Rental (Fő út 242.) - B10 bike path - Fertőmeggyes (Mörbisch) - Fertőmeggyes - the lakeside branch of the B10 bike path - Ruszt - Bird reserve - Downtown - B10 hill branch - Burgenland wine region - National border - Roman Mithras Shrine - Fertőrákos quarry - Cellar visit and wine tasting (on request) - Shame column - Castle - city wall - Fertőrákos Bicycle rental

(24 km, 4-5 hours)

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PÁLOS cycling tour

Excursion in an alpine valley of the Sopron Mountains, to the finest tasting spring of Sopron, Lake Salamander and the Pauline Monastery in Sopronbánfalva.

Route: Sopron, Hotel Lövér (bicycle rental) - Erzsébet Garden - Sopronbánfalva - Salamander Lake - Nature’s friend spring - St. Paul-Carmelite Monastery - World War I. and II. Heroes’ Cemetery - Hotel Lövér

Distance: approx.10 km
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Difficulty level: intermediate (over 14 years of age)
Recommended bikes: MTB, trekking or road

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Vasvilla family bike tour (27 km) takes place in May every year.

On the Sopron-Fertőrákos - Balf - Sopron route, young and old alike can enjoy a good company!

Ferenc Liszt cycling tour (25 km)

The Municipality of Harka, together with the Municipality of Neckenmarkt in Austria, has been organizing the Ferenc Liszt cycling tour since 2003, on the last Sunday of August every year. The municipality of Raiding, where the birthplace of Ferenc Liszt is located, also joined the programme in 2004.

The name of the tour is explained by the fact that Ferenc Liszt himself made this trip - though at the time in a horse-drawn carriage - when he was travelling home from Sopron, through Harka, to his birthplace in Doborján.

The participants of the tour will start from Harka and then arrive in Neckenmarkt (Sopronnyék) via two settlements that connect the borders. From here, after a short rest, you will continue to Raiding (Doborján), to the birthplace of Ferenc Liszt. The participants of the tour will be able to visit the exhibition in the birthplace free of charge.

After a welcome speech and a wreath-laying ceremony, you will return to Harka. The distance is 25 km, the duration is 3 hours, which can be achieved by all members of the family! We don’t offer a competition, but a comfortable tour. Entries submitted and validated will be entered into a raffle, where several bicycles will be raffled off among other valuable prizes. And in the tent, we will treat all entrants a plate of goulash.

The aim of the tour is to strengthen the relations between the two countries, to cultivate our common cultural values, to boost cycling tourism, and to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the family.

The number of participants in the tour is 700-800 people every year. Cyclists from Austria, England, Romania, Budapest, the Lake Balaton region, Győr and last but not least from Sopron, have already participated in the tour.

Don’t worry if you don't have a bike, the link below will help you find places where you can rent one: rent a bike