Gothic Crosses of Rest

In Sopron you can find several Crosses of Rest from the Middle Ages, which, illuminated with lanterns, gave directions to wanderers and merchants, and where they could also have a rest.

Balfi Road Cross of Rest

Along the road from Sopron to Balf, the oldest Gothic Cross of Rest has been standing in the town since the 13th century. The lower part is from the Middle Ages and the upper part from the 17th century. According to legend, it marks the place where St. Quirinus, the martyred bishop executed in Savaria (Szombathely) in 309 A.D., was given food and drink by the women of Scarbantia and his wounds caused by the shackles were bandaged.

Lénárt Cross

The cross from the middle of the 15th century originally stood near the gate of the western suburbs, the Pócsi Gate. Later it was taken to the foot of the Kuruc Hill and finally to its current place, Bécsi Road. A few hundred meters away, at the end of Bécsi Road stands a late Gothic cross from the second half of the 17th century, the White or Mariacelli Cross, where the pilgrims to Mariacell used to gather.

Baker’s Cross

The Baker's Cross from 1484 once stood along the road to Fertőrákos. The legend of the Baker's Cross is related to the infamous robbers’ castle of the area, the Macskakő (Cobblestone) Castle, which does not exist anymore.

The baker was a regular supplier to the ‘Lord of the castle’ of Rákos. He took the bread and various cakes to the castle by foot, and at times he received the money for them. He was warned to be wary of robbers. He was as wary as he could possibly be, yet he could not avoid his fate. The marauders of the Macskakő Castle were watching him, raided him, took his earnings, and they even killed him. Where the assassination took place, the citizens erected the roadside stone cross.” From September 2020, the cross can be seen in the garden of Villa Lenck.

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