Friendship Park

The park is located in the Lower Lővérek district of Sopron, with monuments related to the history of the town.

In 1277 King Ladislaus IV made Sopron a free royal city as a reward for opening its doors to him so he managed to recapture the town. In 1977, for the 700th anniversary of the event, the "Seven Seals" memorial statue group was created, among others. Seven cast concrete millstones/seals are in the park area with various figures in the middle. Today all the round stones are empty except for one.

At the entrance to the park, the Sopron Transylvanian Association erected the Transylvanian Gate on the 20th of August in 1996. The memorial of the Trianon peace treaty in the park was inaugurated in 2010 also at the initiative of the association. After the original oak wood memorial began to decay, a new memorial was needed. The marble-based sculpture made of a piece of rock from Szeklerland (a seven-ton andesite block, a gift of Sándor Rozin) was made for the 90th anniversary of the treaty. It is surrounded by seven historical grave-markers that are reminiscent of the seven separated parts of the country. The bronze map is the work of sculptor Emma Sz. Egyed.

9400 Sopron, Barátság park
GPS: 47.677929 / 16.583776