Fountain of Loyalty

The town of Sopron has proved its loyalty three times in history. In 1277, loyalty to the Hungarian king, Kun László IV, in 1921 its loyalty to Hungary with the referendum in Sopron, and in 1989 its loyalty to Europe with the Pan-European Picnic.

The fountain and the group of sculptures have been standing in the Kisvárkerület (Little Castle District) since 2003. The three figures and years symbolize the following: the figure of Judge István symbolizes loyalty (1277), Mihály Sopronyi Thurner with the ballot paper symbolizes patriotism (1921), and the figure of the goddess of Europe symbolizes freedom (1989). The sculptures were made by the sculptor and medallist Tamás E. Soltra, a resident in Sopron.

The stone carving is the work of the Faragó brothers from Sopron, who carved the fountain by hand from a single block of a 2.5-metre limestone.

9400, Sopron Hűség kút
GPS: 47.687132 / 16.592506