Fehér Street Lake

A wonderful fishing lake in the forest near Sopron, which is beautiful in all seasons.

The lake is to be found in the mining village of Görbehalom. Its other name (Brennberg Reservoir) and its origin are closely related to Hungary's first coal mine in Brennberg. In 1868-69 a narrow-gauge railway line between the Brennberg mine and Ágfalva was built to transport coal. A 222-meter-long and 27-meter-high wooden valley bridge crossed the bed of the Rák brook, on which the coal was transported to Ágfalva by horse-drawn carriage at the beginning and by steam locomotives later. At the end of the 19th century, a railway embankment through which the Rák stream flows was built around the wooden bridge, and the present-day fishing lake was created by damming the brook.

9400, Sopron Fehér úti tó
GPS: 47.675364 / 16.488262