Fehér cave in the Szárhalmi forest

The Fertő-Hanság National Park and the Szárhalmi Forest, which is part of the world heritage, hide many secrets. In early spring, 23 different species of highly protected orchids (Orchidaceae) bloom here, but you can also find caves in the hidden places of the forest while hiking.

Among the caves, the Fehér cave is the largest one that can be visited; it is 16 meters long and 4 meters high. The caves in the forest and in the Szárhalmi quarry were associated with the Hussite robbers’ castle, the Macskakő Castle in historical sources and legends as part of the cellar system under the castle. Recent historical and geological research has proven that the karst forms of the Lajta limestone were shaped by human hands into the forms that you can see today. In the Middle Ages, limestone was mined here to make burnt lime, which, like limestone mined in quarries, was transported from here to faraway lands. You can reach the cave from Sopron on the blue cross tourist sign starting from Balfi út, following the blue cave sign, but you can also visit the Fertőrákos Quarry on a longer tour.

GPS coordinates: N47.683333 ° E16.636128 °

N47.683333° E16.636128°
GPS: 47.683971 / 16.636137