Erdődy Palace

After the Ottoman Turkish occupation, from the 18th century Hungarian aristocratic families (the Széchényi, Esterházy, Festetics) bought or built downtown palaces in the centre of Sopron.

The Erdődy Palace is one of the most beautiful Hungarian Rococo palaces in Sopron in Szent György Street. From the beginning of the 18th century for more than a hundred years, it was owned by the Széchényi family. Pál Széchényi, the Archbishop of Kalocsa died within its walls, and his mummified body can be seen in the Széchényi Mausoleum in Nagycenk. In 1810, the Erdődy family purchased the building, who then owned it for exactly 100 years.

9400, Sopron Szent György utca 16.
GPS: 47.684821 / 16.591451