Deák Square

The second longest square in Central Europe is an excellent place to relax and unwind with its shady benches, fountains and playground at the fingertips of the town centre.

In Roman times, there was a cemetery in the area between today's Széchenyi Square and Csengery Street. Here, along the Bánfalvi or Rák brook, the long line of the outer town wall stretched. The brook still flows under the square here today. After the Rák brook was vaulted, it got its present shape in about 50 years from the late 1800s in line with the stylistic features of the boundary walls. It was dramatically reconstructed several times after World War II and then it was neglected for a long time. It was rebuilt in 2006 from EU funds. During the reconstruction, the part of Deák Square in front of the school was turned into a park, thus its area was expanded to about 2.7 hectares, and the number of its trees increased. Next to the playground you can see the recently renovated weather forecast house from 1911. On the western side of the square you can find the statue of Ferenc Kölcsey, on the eastern side the bust of Ferenc Deák, and you can see the monuments of World War I and II as well as the statues of Géza Gyóni and Muhr Othmar. Among the buildings built at the end of the 19th century and in the first half of the 20th century, the former Evangelical Theology building on the western edge and the Reformed church as well as the Lenck Villa at the eastern end are the most significant.

9400 Sopron, Deák tér
GPS: 47.680682 / 16.586617